The Taino Indians had many sacred objects. These objects were used in an array of rituals, and they symbolized many important aspects of their lives: Taino spiritual ritual, maternity ritual, marriage rituals, and the COHOBA (tobacco) rituals, among others. Their sacred objects consisted of carved figurines or “cemies” as a link between the psychic worlds of human and spirit. These sacred objects were called “CUEY”






The Cemi stone, with its three cardinal points, is a fundamental symbol in the Taino religion. Many Tainos name the three points "Yocahu Bagua Maorocoti," which is another word for the Creator, Yaya, as represented by the world's indigenous peoples at the time of the coming of Guamikinas (the European "covered people").

1. On top of this sacred mountain peak, in the turey (sky) of the four directions, resides Yaya - the Creator, whose name means that which has neither beginning nor end and which has no male ancestor or creator.

2. Coabey, is the underworld, the place of the dead. Here resides Hupia, the spirit of the dead. The face of Guayaba, the Chief of Coabey, is represented here.

3. The land of the living. Here resides Goiz, the spirit of living people


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